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Custom Home Detailing


Custom Home Detailing Scratch Waiver

Glass & Tempered Glass Waiver

Releasing Window Cleaner From Any Liability OnTempered Glass or any glass Scratching During Cleaning Due to widespread problems with poor quality tempered glass scratching during construction window cleaning, Custom Home Detailing will not be liable for any scratches on any tempered or heat strengthened glass or any glass of any kind. It is accepted and understood by ALL parties that properly used razor blades and scrapers are standard tools and techniques for construction window cleaning and can safely remove limited amounts of construction debris (plaster, paint, texture, tape, stickers, etc.) from quality glass, without scratching the glass surface. Furthermore, it is accepted, the use of razor blades and scrapers will be employed on allconstruction window cleaning and no other cleaning method will be offered by Custom Home Detailing to remove construction debris from any glass surface. If Builder does not choose to have window cleaner use razor blades or scrapers, Builder must cover all glass during entire construction process, which would protect glass from any construction debris and eliminate the need for Custom Home Detailing to use razor blades and scrapers to clean the glass. This clause must be included on all contracts. If this clause is not acceptable, there is no contract between Custom Home Detailing and Builder or home owner.  ____________________________ __________________________ __________Custom Home Detailing          Authorized Signature                    Date