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CHD ( Carlsbad ) window cleaning & window washing specializes in picture perfect homes and businesses. Our customers choose us because of our excellent reputation and track record for quality window cleaning. We are a company with workmans' compensation insurance and liability insurance. We are a company with an A credit rating with the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) and a proven track record. We know how to take care of your home. 

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We focus on using high tech state of the art window cleaning equipment and this makes a big difference in the quality of the cleaning performed. We use only the best micro fiber cloths. These are special cloths with micro fibers made for professional window cleaning. We can wipe excess water from the corners and edges of a window and this will leave the window spot free.

Even after our professionals are done with the window cleaning, the window is inspected thoroughly. This is very important and one of the reasons our customers choose our window cleaning service.

Our commercial window cleaning and building maintenance division is growing every day. We are using some of the best reverse osmosis and DI water fed pole systems available on the market today and some of the best up to date restoration methods for cleaning.

We can reach great heights with commercial lifts and we are using the most up to date restoration methods available for your property or properties. If you are a home owner with a large property and have a lot of square footage or you're with a property management company and are trying to cut cost, we can work within your budget. One of the ways for cost savings is to do spot cleaning.

We also work with the small business owner and home owner on smaller contracts or jobs. Commercial Property Managers-  Please don’t hesitate to ask for our Maintenance Brochures which include information on our compensation and liability insurance.

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Our Deionized water fed poles work well for hard to reach areas- but only when the glass has been maintained and cleaned regularly can we clean with our DI poles. To get a picture perfect window cleaning, we usually need to clean right at the window with our microfiber T washers and T squeegees. When we are finished with the window cleaning, the windows are inspected to be sure they are picture perfect. This is very important and very detailed and this is how we get our windows to look picture perfect. When there is a lot of glass, it can take hours to get perfect results.

Our residential window cleaning is done to perfection. We also give out savings coupons daily and offer spot cleaning where we can target specific areas. Together, this helps home owners reduce costs as much as 50%.

Whether your home is large or small, CHD Window Cleaning will work with you to keep your windows clean. Call us today and get your savings coupon.


Does your home or business have French doors? Do you have a large number of small panes of glass? Let our window cleaning, window washing service in Carlsbad clean your windows. Do you have a large business or small family owned business? Call our window cleaning, window washing services in Carlsbad today.
We service both large and small square footage areas. Do you have large out of reach picture windows, radius windows or casement windows? Are your sky lights too high and out of reach? Our window cleaning, window washing service is one of a kind, specializing in double hung tilt windows, horizontal double sliding or horizontal sliders. Is your home or business in the process of remodeling or new construction? We also specialize in new construction clean up and our window cleaning, window washing service can work with you to get rid of the recurring dust problem. Our window cleaning & window washing service also specializes in hard water damage and hard water removal. Is the dirt and grime on your commercial property's windows getting out of hand? Has it been a year or more since they've been serviced? Please give our window cleaning & window washing service a call. If your building is four stories or less, let our seasoned window cleaning, window washing Carlsbad professionals help keep your property clean with our state of the art de-ionized water fed pole and reverse osmosis systems.


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Window Cleaning Carlsbad We start by removing and marking the window screens We clean both sides of the window screens and set the screens aside We begin cleaning the inside & outside of your windows with DI or a soft strip washer and our own window washing concentrate We then use a scraper if needed to remove paint over spray, bugs, marks, sap, etc... After thoroughly wetting the window again with our strip washer and window washing solution, we squeegee the water off and towel
dry around the edges where water collects. After the outside windows are cleaned, we'll then move our window washing operation to the inside and repeat the process. Inside we wear protective shoe coverings. We clean the window tracks and wash the window sills It's now time to put all of the clean window screens back in place. To finish up, we will walk around your home to double check the windows and put all of your furniture back in place. Professional Window Cleaning, Window Washing
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Window Washing, Window Cleaning Service Carlsbad
Our main focus is quality and it shows in our work.  We have an "A +" credit rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our liability insurance is over a million dollars and our employees have workers' compensation insurance.